CY 2015:

Summary List of Filers – (Ombudsman-NCR)

Certification, Ombudsman-NCR and Failed to Submit

Third Level Officials, SALN: 

Con-Med Rubilyn M. Abando – p1, p2

Con-Med Amorsolo V. Aglibut – p1, p2

Con-Med Estelita S. Bautista – p1, p2

Con-Med Helena R. Flores – p1, p2

Con-Med Mario Agustin C. Miñoria and Ma. Yolanda P. Miñoria (Joint filing) – p1, p2

Con-Med Cresencia M. Pawingi – p1, p2

Con-Med Michelle Jean O. Reñido – p1, p2

Con-Med George R. Ridad – p1, p2

Chief LEO Ma. Delia D. Yu – p1, p2

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